Life Groups are a integrative and practical step in our discipleship process at Family Life Austin to both:

  1. Help people find life in Christ
  2. Help people grow in relationship with one another.

Our Life Groups are comprised of both people within our church family and those who are not. Life groups are for those who have a relationship with Jesus as well as those who don’t. All are welcomed!

Life Groups are another safe place within our church for you and others to experience more of the life that Jesus has to offer.

So what can you expect?

We have Life Groups located around the Greater Austin Area that we would for you to be connected with!

  1. You can expect us to honor your time
  2. You can expect to meet with people who care about you and want to grow with you
  3. You can expect to have some laughs and at times, you can expect tears that lead to healing
  4. You can expect engaging conversations that go over our sermon from our worship experience. We also at times go over other content that revolves around the teachings of Christ.
  5. You can expect to grow spiritually and grow into deep relationships with others.

If you’re interested in joining a life group email us

Receive email and text updates on how to get and stay connected at Family Life Austin.