We believe that every person no matter their age, color, creed, gender, socioeconomic background, etc…finds life in Christ. In Christ we have life and life more abundantly.

So no matter if you have never had a relationship with Jesus or have been walking with Him for years, there is life in Him that is available to you.

The City Needs
What You Have

Known as the live music capital of the world and branded for its eclectic style of living that coined the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird” , people from all over the world are coming to Austin making it not only one of the world’s coolest places to visit but one of the fastest growing cities in the United States to live in.

As people by the hundreds are moving to Austin daily, they’re not just coming for a good time but are coming in hopes to find purpose in their area of expertise and to make a new life for themselves, according to a recent census study. These two things can leave many people feeling empty and hopeless, especially in a place that is one of the least churched cities in the United States.

So we feel called to bring Jesus to a people who are in great need of Him because they are in great need of hope. We feel called to provide a sense of family for those who have no family in the area. And as each person has moved here to Austin to put their gift on display to find purpose, we believe that every gift that God has given someone should be used for the glory of God to meet a need in this city.


Our standards are essentially the values that we live out within our church. We hold true to these values which is why to us, the standard is the standard. These standards help fuel our mission that help us continually find life in Christ as we grow together as a family.

“We believe that what God builds in us individually will be lived out in our church collectively.”


We value obedience. What God says, we do. Obedience is a reflection of our love and worship to Christ.


We value faith. We take risk in Christ. It is our faith that pleases God.


We value discipleship. If it does not make disciples, it does not make sense. It is Christ’s job to build His church but it is our job to make disciples.


We value love. We aim to love people unconditionally even if others never follow Jesus or choose to love us.


We value generosity. We give whatever we have for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom in the culture we live in. This means we give of our time, our talents, our resources, and even our flaws to be used by God. Our generosity is a representation of us being on mission to the world.


We value excellence. Being excellent in all we do is our goal, not perfection. Excellence also looks like setting the example first for others to follow. Excellence is a byproduct of the character and integrity we look to uphold to those around us. When we reflect excellence, we display that every obstacle can become a opportunity. 


We value reconciliation. We talk it out and work it out at all cost. We do not gossip it out. Reconciliation brings unity and where there is unity God commands a blessing.


We value family. We desire continual growth in Christ in both our natural and spiritual family.


We value joy. We work hard but we enjoy Christ’s gift of life together. We serve from joy not for joy. This is why identity always precedes activity.


We value honor. We aim to think the highest of each other at all times and display that mindset to others.

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Change the Campus!
Change the World!

We at Family Life Austin believe in reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ. Most people who come to faith in Christ do so before the age of twenty-five. These young men and women, who will be the future leaders of the world, are on the college campus today.

We are apart of a global organization called Every Nation that is committed to bringing the Gospel to the campuses of the world. We firmly believe that if we change the campuses of Austin, Texas, we will eventually change the family, the nation, and the world.


Shadrick Bell

Shadrick Bell

Lead Pastor
Caresse Bell

Caresse Bell

Music Team Lead
Troy Robertson

Troy Robertson

Campus Missionary | St. Edward’s University
Sabrina Robertson

Sabrina Robertson

Campus Missionary | St. Edward’s University
Linda Mura

Linda Mura

Administrative Assistant
Génesis Miranda Longo

Génesis Miranda Longo

Creative Content Coordinator
Annie Kim Hedrick

Annie Kim Hedrick

FamLife Kids Coordinator
Randy De Los Santos

Randy De Los Santos

Res Life Church Planting Resident
Selene De Los Santos

Selene De Los Santos

Res Life Church Planting Resident

Sharick Bell

Lead Pastor, Family Life Austin


Family Life Austin both values and finds godly wisdom, protection, and counsel in the covering of spirtual oversight on multiple different levels. (Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 24:6).

Our leadership covering amass from a multi-faceted spiritual oversight team that exist on the Global, National, Regional, and Local level.

Our apostolic covering both globally and nationally is underneath the leadership of Every Nation Ministries. Family Life Austin is apart of the Every Nation Family of Churches. Every Nation is accredited by the Evangelical Financial Council of Accountability for all donor giving to all Every Nation missionaries and mission trips. Family Life Austin is also governmentally accredited and held accountable in the areas bookkeeping, staff pay, and clientele services through the work of StartChurch.

Regionally, Family Life Austin is overseen by our Financial Board of Directors. Our board is comprised of a Vice President: Richard Brown, Treasurer: Bill Avary, and Secretary: Tamarakuro Steven Bob-Nabena. These financial board of directors communicate regularly with our Lead Pastor and they also sit as a source of wisdom and spiritual counsel for Family Life Austin in a temporary elder type role. Official local elders will be set forth by Family Life Austin in the right place, at the right time, with the right candidates.

And locally, Family Life Austin has decided to create what is known as an Accountability Board for both the covering and protection of both the lead pastor ( and his spouse) and for the local church. This board is comprised of individuals not in leadership or on staff with Family Life Austin, who meet regularly with both our Lead Pastor and spouse of Family Life Austin for spiritual and moral accountability to the highest degree. The accountability board is also in place to create a space for others within Family Life Austin to reach out too in efforts to account for any questions or conflicts (should they arise) with the leadership of Family Life Austin. These questions or conflicts will addressed by the accountability board if they cannot be both addressed and resolved first with leadership team of Family Life Austin, secondarily through the counsel of the regional board and elders, and then third, the apostolic oversight team of Every Nation. All regional board members, elders, and apostolic oversight will also have full access to contact the accountability board as should any question or conflict arise. Finally, this board ensures as well for the protection against any potential false accusations that could be presented against the lead pastor and spouse of Family Life Austin. If you would like to contact this board for any reason beyond the ability to address a concern at any of the other levels of the leadership counsel that has been put in place, please click the tab below or email us at [email protected].

All of our leadership structure has been put in place to both honor God and to serve you well.

Thank you so much for trusting the Lord as you trust to walk with us.

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